Mikey home from Ridge

Mikey home from Ridge
photo by Anita caboose

Cradles-to-Crayons at FEC Vero depot

  cabooseMikey hosted 16 students from Cradles-to-Crayons day care center at the FEC Vero depot on January 29, 2014. The 4-5 year old students 'purchased' tickets from the stationmaster and listened to an interactive railroad history/safety presentation. They enjoyed watching the HO scale models as well as peppering cabooseMikey with questions and these kids were plenty knowledgeable, too - they had just completed their transportation module in school.
  I tried to stump them with the word caboose but they knew it was the red car at the end of the train. Sharp, inquisitive little ones.
  Great fun was had by all and our forty minute visit was over far too quickly. IRCHS administrator Janice Sellers gave each child a postcard of the depot as a gift from the Society.
  The second, slightly smaller group arrived at the depot on Friday morning and repeated the
process with cabooseMikey. It was another group of well-behaved, attentive children
enjoying the railroad display and the opportunity to meet the train conductor. And you
should hear them holler "STOP, GO and SLOW DOWN" when I ask what the colors red, green
and yellow represent on the train signals.
  I had as much fun as they did and I can't wait for them to return for another ALL ABOARD!
Best regards, cabooseMikey.

Cradles-to-Crayons at FEC Vero depot PART 1-973
Cradles-to-Crayons at FEC Vero depot PART 2-974
Cradles-to-Crayons at FEC Vero depot PART 3-975
Cradles-to-Crayons at FEC Vero depot PART 4-976